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Ways to reduce the cost of using metal laser cutting machine

Ways to reduce the cost of using metal laser cutting machine


1, metal laser cutting machine in normal operation to minimize the number of laser on and off, if you do not use the metal laser cutting machine, you can turn off the laser, in addition to being able to meet the cutting requirements, minimize the use of power, to save power consumption.

2, metal laser cutting machine to be strictly in accordance with the rules of operation to use, metal laser cutting machine is a high-tech equipment, if not used improperly will affect the system of the whole machine, resulting in unstable quality cutting workpieces, serious impact on the quality of equipment, so that the loss.

3, metal laser cutting machine focus lens cleaning work, focus lens is the only contact with the processing surface of a lens, metal laser cutting machine in the operation process will produce some metal slag and dust, these will be attached to the focus ingenuity, if not cleaned up in time, it will make its light transmission rate become slower, heat absorption will become stronger, which will affect the accuracy of cutting, and even lead to lens damage. Timely cleaning of focused lenses reduces unnecessary material waste and the cost of replacing lenses.

4, metal laser cutting machine after a long time of work, between the parts will have wear, will cause equipment instability affect the accuracy of cutting. Therefore, to do a good job of equipment maintenance is also to extend the service life of equipment, and improve cutting accuracy methods.


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