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oxy plasma cutting machine

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and Oxy Flame Cutting Machine With Kjellbetg Finsterwalde Focus 400A

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and Oxy Flame Cutting Machine With Kjellbetg Finsterwalde Focus 400A

oxy plasma cutting machine

Plasma Cutting Unit Smart Focus 400 Article

  • Flexible, CNC-controlled cutting of all electrically conductive materials with thicknesses of up to 100 mm
  • Recommended cutting range from 1 to 60 mm (70 mm stainless steel) material thickness
  • Maximum piercing thickness 50 mm
  • Operation also under challenging conditions
  • Easy to use, easy to service and easy to repair
  • Cutting, marking, notching and punching without change of consumables
  • Patented plasma cutting technologies Contour Cut and Contour Cut Speed
  • High lifetime of consumables due to dual gas ignition and nozzle saving piercing with swirl gas technology
  • Ideal plasma cutting system for metal construction and engineering, job shop production, steel and hall construction,plant and tank construction and much more

Contour Cut and Contour Cut Speed

Optimized plasma cutting technologies for cutting contours in mild


  • Precise plasma cutting of contours with Contour Cut and up to 50 % faster with Contour Cut Speed
  • High cut quality and contour accuracy
  • Reduced angular deviations and improved quality of cut surfaces
  • Very high repeatability and dimension accuracy
  • No time-consuming after-treatment
  • High productivity at low costs

ditional plasma cutting technology for cutting mild steel

  • Thicknesses from 4 to 30 mm, cutting current from 60 to 160 A
  • Lowering of the sound pressure level by up to 15 dB(A)
  • Cut quality similar to Contour Cut
  • Requirements: Silent Cut nozzles (marked with „S“ and a green

O ring) and use of new cutting data

  • Important contribution to health and safety at work

Plasma Torch

  • Machine torch PerCut 4000 with quick-change head and inbuilt initial height sensing
  • Significantly lower gas consumption compared to competitive products due to effective liquid cooling system up to the nozzle tip
  • Cutting and marking with the same consumables
  • Bevel Cutting up to 50 degrees with standard consumables

Gas Control Units

  • Manual all-gas control unit PGE-300
  • Automatic plasma gas control unit PGV-300 for automatic gas flow according to the material quality and  thickness via installed databases


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