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What factors are used to judge the quality of the plasma cutting machine?

What factors are used to judge the quality of the plasma cutting machine?


When any enterprise purchases a plasma cutting machine, basically it will judge the quality of this mechanical equipment in various ways, then from the current situation, when we want to judge the quality of this equipment When, what factors should be considered?


When we want to judge whether the plasma cutting machine is good or bad, it is recommended that you can take a look at the burrs of the product. The formation of burrs will directly determine the final cutting quality of the entire equipment. This is also a very important factor that affects the removal of burrs. The process requires additional work, so the amount of gross will directly affect the quality of the entire product.

Material deposition

If the plasma cutting machine wants to judge its quality reasonably, then basically also need to look at the material, because this kind of equipment must first spray a layer of special liquid containing oil on the surface of the workpiece before starting to melt the perforation. The process itself needs to be refined, and there are a lot of materials in various situations here. The customer needs to use the wind to blow the cut, but the upward or downward row will also form a deposit on the surface.

Sagging and corrosion

The depression and corrosion of the plasma cutting machine will have an adverse effect on the cutting edge surface of the entire product. In this case, it will also directly affect the appearance, and they will have a series of errors.

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