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Explore the problems of V Grooving Machine

Explore the problems of  V Grooving Machine


In the industry of groove cutting machine blades, there are generally some problems. Of course, this problem will exist no matter in our country or abroad. If we want to use groove cutting machine blades, we have to have an understanding of these problems. , So that we can use him later. The details are as follows, for reference only.
In fact, it depends on the length of the groove cutting machine blade. Then we have to look at the quality of the grooving of this cardboard. If the blade wears more and more, the grooving quality of the slot machine will decline, and even There are some problems such as burrs and waste materials. If the products we produce do not meet the standard, then we have to replace the blades of the groove cutting machine. Of course, it is undeniable that the imported groove cutting machine blades have some discrepancies in the use time of domestic production, but their problems are the same.
To put it simply, he can only use the upper blade of the groove cutting machine. If we use it after grinding, it will not be ideal. The wear resistance of his cutting edge is not so good, and some cutting edges will crack.

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