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Scope of application of combined punching shear

Scope of application of combined punching  shear

The combined punching shear is widely used in:

1. Steel structure processing

2. Elevator car and parts processing

3. Trailer — spare parts, hinges of the trailer, plate hooks, Zhuangzhuang, Wallong plates

4. Construction machinery industry — processing on belt conveyors and mixing stations

5. Agriculture and animal husbandry machinery industry — threshing frame body, trailer body parts processing

6. Food industry machinery-slaughter equipment frame and parts processing

7. Processing of high and low voltage iron tower parts

8. Wind power generation equipment — processing of parts on stairs and pedals on wind power generation towers

9. Mechanical processing — processing of embedded parts / conveyor brackets and other components that play a role in connection

10. Grain machinery — grain and oil equipment starch equipment support, shell, small parts processing

11. Processing of railway freight cars / cars and crane parts

12. Channel steel, square steel, round steel, H steel, I-beam and other steel materials are sheared, punched and bent

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