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Quick Operation Process of Beckhoff Horizontal V Grooving Machine

The process of quickly running the device after power on

operation of V grooving machine-1

1. After power-on, the system will prompt an Aborted alarm by default. At this time, just click the ClrAlarm button to clear the alarm.

2. After the alarm is cleared, the system will prompt “Press GetReady First”. You need to click the GetReady button for the first time every time you turn on the machine. If the workpiece parameters are set, each axis of the system will first return to the initial position, and then locate to the first step to be processed, then go to step 4. If the workpiece parameters are not set, the Y-axis will return to the initial position set by the system parameters, and then go to step 3.

3. Set the processing parameters on the NegFigure page, click Download to download to the main page after the setting is complete; then click the GetReady button, the Y-axis will automatically locate the first slot position.

4. If the processing parameters are set and the Y-axis has been positioned to the first slot position, check whether the processing parameters currently used in area 11 are wrong. If you need to modify them, enter the CutTool page to set the required processing parameters. If there are already in the CutTool magazine After setting the parameters, you can click CutToolSel in area 5 to select the desired tool magazine name.

5. Check the board thickness of BoardThick, SlotLength planing length, StartRow, and StopRow (when the start and end row numbers are both 0, they will be processed in the order of row numbers in the processing table).

6. After checking all parameters, press the SideClip side presser button and click the Start button to start processing.


New artifact setting process

operation of V grooving machine-2

1. Click the NewFigure button to enter the page for creating new machining parts.

2. Select the workpiece setting mode, PaintMode drawing entry mode, and then enter step 3 or ListMode list entry mode and then enter step 5.

3. When PaintMode is selected, click in the blank area of area 3 to draw the workpiece graphics you want to process. The maximum support is 16 line segments. After the drawing is completed, area 2 will automatically generate the corresponding line parameters.

4. Fill in Space and Depth in each line of area 2. Cycle defaults to 1 and cannot be changed. Dir is automatically generated and cannot be changed. Enter the Depth parameter of the first line, and the rest of the lines will be automatically filled with the Depth value of the first line. Enter the spacing of the Space slot for each row.

5. When selecting ListMode, fill in the row of the parameter by row in the area 2 form, and the maximum support is 16 rows.

6. Fill in Space, Depth, Cycle, and Dir respectively. After filling in the Dir direction, a new line will be created automatically. The default Depth of the new line is the Depth value of the previous line.

7. After entering the parameters, you can click the button in area 4, DelPrePoint can be used to delete rows or line segments, Preview can preview the current workpiece graphics in proportion to the parameters, DirReverse can reverse the direction of the table Dir, Rotate can rotate the graphics clockwise. When multiple workpieces need to be input, you can add new workpieces with AddFigure, ClearFigure clears the current workpiece.

8. After confirming that the parameter input is correct, click download, and the workpiece parameters will be automatically downloaded to the main page.

operation of V grooving machine-3

Tool magazine parameter setting


1. Click the CutTool button to enter the tool magazine setting page.

2. Select the Modify button in the row of the corresponding tool magazine name, a dialog box for modifying parameters will pop up. If the current row has no parameters, the first row of parameters will be used as the initial value by default in the pop-up window. If the current row has parameters, In the pop-up window, the parameters of the current line will be used as the initial value by default.

operation of V grooving machine

3. Enter the corresponding parameters in the ParaModify pop-up window, click the OK button to modify the parameter successfully, and the Cancel button to cancel the parameter modification.

operation of V grooving machine

Jog operation process


1. Before jog, make sure that the system does not alarm.

2. Use the JogInchEn button to select the jog mode or the inching mode. When inching, JogPos is the distance of a single inching.

3. Use the HighSpeed button to switch between low-speed jog or high-speed jog.

4. When the system is powered on for the first time, Y1Y2 is not linked by default. At this time, Y1 and Y2 can be jog separately. After the action corresponding to the GetReady button is executed, Y1Y2 is in the linkage state by default. Click Y2 at this time and Y1 will act together.

5. Use the DecoupleY button to switch the Y2Y2 linkage state. The default is linkage. When the button is enabled, it is not linkage. If the axis is not linkage, the system will prompt “Press GetReady First”, and the system needs to click the GetReady button again before processing, making Y1Y2 move to the processing position.


Tool setting process


1. By clicking the AdjustCutEn button, the tool setting operation is enabled, otherwise, the tool setting cannot be performed.

2. Input the height of BlockHeight and then move the Z-axis to the surface of the gauge block by jog operation.

3. Click the AdjCutDone button at this time, the current position of the Z-axis will be set to the height of the gauge block, and the tool setting is completed. Remember that the height of the gauge block is the reference value of the Z-axis and cannot be changed at will.


Tool change process


1. Decouple Y1Y2 and move the X and Y1 axes to the desired tool change position.

2. Click the SetCutPos button and record this position as the tool change position of the system. After that, click the ChangeCut button on the homepage, and the X and Y1 axes will move to the tool change position.

3. Click the GetReady button, all axes will return to the machining position of the current groove.


The above is about the operation of the V grooving machine. After reading this article, I believe you have a further understanding of the V groover machine. KRRASS is a professional V grooving machine manufacturers. If you have any needs, please contact us as soon as possible. We will serve you all the time!

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