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The safety technical procedures for the roll bending machine

The safety technical procedures for the roll bending machine


1. Check the equipment components and electrical ground wire for good and reliable before work. Oil holes and oil cups should be refueled and lubricated in a timely manner, and open the car test transfer departments are good, before can be used.

2. The board must be operated by a special person, the thickness of the coil must comply with the regulations, not allowed to overload the operation.

3. Operating equipment to concentrate the spirit, is strictly prohibited to joke and laugh.

4. You must stop when adjusting the stick and plate. It is strictly forbidden to keep your foot on the workpiece and the stick to avoid accidents.

5. Safety measures must be taken to prevent the board from falling and hitting the machine parts when entering and removing the plate material. On the knock work .

6. Welding plate swells the seam shovel squareable rollable, hot roll bending machine must take anti-iron measures

7. When the coiled parts need to be welded, the welder ground wire must be attached to the welding piece.

8. The existing coils in the workshop are only allowed to roll steel plates under 19 mm (including 19 mm). The roll benfing machine before the first understanding of the material of the plate, performance before the test paper.

9. When the roll bending machine is in the processing of the size head, it shall, with the consent of the workshop leader, take proper safety measures and carry out within the prescribed scope. But be careful to avoid damaging equipment and injury.

10. There shall be no obstacles around the work site, and the work shall be completed in time to clean up the site.

11. Roll diameter, long size of the plate, should work closely with the sky car workers so that the sling to the steel plate hanging, and at any time to adjust the force of the car state, and the roll bending machine surface coordination of pressure roll.

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