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Rolling machine daily maintenance use method

Rolling machine daily maintenance use method

Rolling machine is a kind of general-purpose equipment specially used for bending, forming and proofreading of metal sheet. It is widely used in shipbuilding, chemical industry, boiler, hydropower, pressure vessel and machinery manufacturing industries.
The daily maintenance and usage methods of Jude brand plate rolling machine are as follows:
1. According to the rules in the machine lubrication hint map, refuel the oil cups and manual lubrication points as required.
2. Roll the plate according to the parameters specified by the Jude plate rolling machine. The yield limit of the plate material is less than 250Mpa.
3. After the power is turned on, carry out the positive and negative directions of the lower roller and the lifting movement of the upper roller to check whether each movement is abnormally stuck.
4. Operate in strict accordance with the coiling plate processing procedures and operating methods. When the upper roller is raised to the limit position, pay attention to the safe operation of the equipment.
5. In the operation, the personnel should reconcile each other, follow the command of the person in charge of the rolling plate, and there is no password to prevent the machine from being started.
6. When carrying out the Jude plate rolling operation, you should be very careful to prevent your hands from being pressed by the steel plate and being rolled together with the steel plate.
7. When the main drive is stopped, the upper roller can be lifted, the tilting of the reversing bearing can be reset and the upper roller can be lifted.
8. During the operation process, if irregular noises, impacts and other abnormal phenomena are found, they should be immediately shut down for inspection.
9. When lifting steel plates or reels with a truck, be careful not to bump into the machine.
10. After the operation of the Jude brand plate rolling is completed, the place where the finished materials are exhausted is cleared, and the power is turned off in time.
The daily protection and maintenance of the plate rolling machine is very important, as long as this talent extends its service life.

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