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How to choose your own victaulic grooving machine

How to choose your own victaulic grooving machine


Victaulic grooving machine is divided into machine tools and fuselage, we should understand its basic characteristics when purchasing, in order to choose a good victaulic grooving machine at the time of purchase.

The performance indexes of planer are as follows:

1. All-steel welding of the fuselage, after annealing and heat treatment, to remove the internal stress of the fuselage, it has extremely high strength and small deformation.

2. Hydraulic control system, the pressing and releasing of the pressure plate and jaws are fully automated, the pressure is stable and reliable, and the mirror steel will not emboss the plate.

3. The blade system has high precision and reliability, up to 0.01mm.

4. Control the knife holder and feeding device to make the planing and positioning accurate.

5. Adopt touch screen, command input is fast and clear.

6. Change the traditional nut and screw transmission mode to imported fine alloy steel rack and pinion transmission, which is easier to maintain.

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