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HRK-1500X4000 Vertical V Grooving Machine for sheet metal

Vertical V Grooving Machine HRK-1500X4000,Sheet Metal V Grooving Machine,CE certification,

Vertical V Grooving Machine HRK-1500X4000,Sheet Metal V Grooving Machine,CE certification


Metal V Grooving Machine is a device used to open a slot on a sheet and then bend it to reduce the R corner. Because people’s aesthetic view is getting higher and higher, so the requirements of products are getting higher and higher, in our daily life, KTV decoration, home decoration industry applications are very much.

Metal V Grooving Machine.

1. Planv-type slot machining is generally in the customer’s sheet metal piece bend outside R has special requirements, normal bendcannot reach its minimum value. At this point, the bend after the gouging groove is used.
2. Sheet metal structure size design is special, normal bend can not reach the need for gouging grooves, such as U-shaped structural parts, the inner cavity size is only a few millimeters, at this time using planing double V groove forming.
3. Plan V-shaped slot depth, width, angle.
The depth of the material gouging V-groove of different thicknesses is different. Specific processing data depends on the customer’s product requirements.
Precautions: According to the experience of planing V-shaped groove angle than the actual molding angle is better than 2 degrees, bend molding when the material will rebound, reserved 2 degrees of clearance to facilitate processing control angle.
To prevent the cutter when bending, bend the mold is best at 84 degrees.

HRK-1500X4000 Vertical V Grooving Machine for sheet metal


No. Content Required Parameter
1 Model HRK1500-4000
2 Plate Thickness 0.4-6mm
3 Plate Length X Width 1500x4000mm
4 Grooving Speed/Speed is changeable or not 5M-70M/min ( The speed is changeable)
5 Feeding Speed 0.5-20M/min
6 Min. Setting Unit in Y-axis 0.01mm
7 Positioning Precision in Y-axis ±0.05mm
8 Min. Setting Unit in X-axis 0.01mm
9 Positioning Precision in X-axis ±0.05mm
10 Min. Setting Unit in Z-axis 0.01mm
11 Positioning Precision in Z-axis ±0.02mm
12 Y-axis Motor Power 4.5KW
13 X1-axis Motor Power 0.75KW
14 X2-axis Motor Power 0.75KW
15 Z-axis Motor Power 0.4KW
16 Workbench Planeness ±0.01mm
17 Feeding Way Back feeding
18 Workbench is replaceable or not Replaceable ( Exchangeable as well )
19 Workbench is quenched or not Yes
20 Number of Cutter 4 PCS
21 Max. Depth for one-time Grooving 1.0mm
22 Max. Grooving Depth 3.0mm
23 Outline Dimension  5800*2750*2100mm
24 Weight  11200kg
25 Video

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