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Swing Beam Sheaering Machine QC12K-6X2500

Hydraulic Shearing Machine QC12K-6X2500,Sheet Metal Shear,Sheet Meatl Cutter,Sheet Metal cutting Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine QC12K-6X2500,Sheet Metal Shear,Sheet Meatl Cutter,Sheet Metal cutting Machine


Hydraulic shear machine is borrowed from the motion of the upper blade and fixed down blade, the use of a reasonable blade clearance, the thickness of the metal plate to apply shearing force, so that the plate according to the required size of the break separation of a kind of machine.

Swing Beam Sheaering Machine QC12K-6X2500

Safety technical requirements for the hydraulic shearing machine.

The shear machine is a kind of shearing equipment which is widely used in machining, which can cut steel plate materials of various thicknesses. Commonly used shear machine is divided into flat cutting, rolling shear and vibration shear 3 types. The flat cutter is used a lot. The shear machine with a shearing thickness of less than 10mm is mostly mechanical transmission, and the hydraulic drive is greater than 10mm. Usually a single or continuous cut of metal is operated by a foot or button. When operating the shearer, it should be noted that:
Hydraulic shear machine.
Hydraulic shear machine.

1, before work to carefully check whether the shear machine parts are normal, electrical equipment is intact, lubrication system is not smooth;

2, do not operate the shear machine alone 1 person, should be coordinated by 2-3 people for feeding, control size accuracy and materialing, and determine by 1 person unified command.
3, according to the prescribed thickness of the cutting board, adjust the scissors gap of the shear machine. Do not cut 2 different specifications, different materials at the same time; The sheared plate requires a flat surface, and the narrow erthned material that cannot be pressed is allowed to be cut.

4, the shear machine belt, flywheel, gear and shaft and other moving parts must be installed protective.

5, the clipper operator to feed the finger sending the finger stomp should be kept at least 200mm away from the mouth of the scissors, and leave the compression device. The protective fence placed on the clipper does not block the operator’s eyes from the cutting area. The waste generated after the operation is angular, the operator should promptly remove, to prevent stabbing, cutting.

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