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Several important features of V Groove

Several important features of  V Groove

     The features and functions of the planer can be roughly divided into the following points, which can quickly improve the work efficiency, and the cutting speed is more than five times that of other machines.
Planer improves work efficiency. Adopt high-power cutter motor, install 2 high-speed steel planers in the front and 3 cemented carbide forming knives in the rear, and the maximum planing depth is 1.2mm.
The cutting efficiency is more than 5 times higher than traditional models. It is one of the most advanced slotting machines in China.
The V Groove extends the service life of the equipment. Because the new product uses carbon tool steel to make the workbench, the hardness after high-frequency quenching is HRC55-60, the workbench hardness is much greater than the hardness of the stainless steel plate, so the workbench wear is very small, and there are 4 surfaces can be replaced. It completely solves the problem of groove marks caused by low hardness of the workbench during long hours of work.
The slotting machine adopts the rear feeding structure, the beam is fixed, and the worktable can be replaced, completely solving the problem of worktable deformation, ensuring the flatness of the worktable ± 0.03mm, and solving the problem of depth accuracy that affects the quality of the groove.

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