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Under what environment should the Victaulic Groover be used?

Under what environment should the Victaulic Groover be used?


Generally speaking, there is two requirements for the use environment of Victaulic Groover.


However, avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, avoid places that are too humid or excessively dusty, and especially avoid places with corrosive gases. Corrosive gases are most likely to corrode and deteriorate electronic components, or cause poor contact, or short circuits between components. Affect the normal operation of the machine tool. Keep away from equipment with large vibration, such as punching machines and forging equipment. For high-precision Victaulic Groover, anti-vibration measures (such as anti-vibration trenches) should also be taken.

2. Power requirements

Victaulic Groover do not have any special requirements for power supply, generally allow 10% fluctuations, but due to the specific situation of power supply in China, not only the power supply fluctuations are large (sometimes far more than 10%), and the quality is poor, AC power is often There are some high-frequency clutter signals superimposed, which can be clearly observed with an oscilloscope. Sometimes there are instantaneous interference signals with large amplitude, which destroys the programs or parameters of the CNC system and affects the normal operation of the machine tool. The use of dedicated line power supply for Victaulic Groover (separate from the low-voltage power distribution room for the use of Victaulic Groover) or the addition of voltage stabilization equipment can reduce the most impact of power supply quality and reduce electrical disturbance.

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