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Victaulic groover machine-main features of machine tool

Victaulic groover machine-main features of machine tool

1: The machine tool is welded with high-strength steel plate, and the welding stress is eliminated by heat treatment and thermal insulation, with high strength and good stability.

2: Workpieces are fed from the front end, hydraulic clamping, hydraulic pressure plate, high degree of automation, easy and fast operation.

3: The working surface is independently adjustable, and the cutting accuracy can be controlled at 0.02mm.

4: The tool holder is driven by servo, with large moving torque, fast acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning and high efficiency.

5: The main shaft adopts rack and pinion transmission, with strong rigidity and low resistance, which greatly improves energy efficiency and saves energy.

6: Servo CNC positioning is used for the grooving position, double screw synchronous transmission, precise positioning and good parallelism.

7: The positioning platform behind the machine tool is connected by steel pipes to ensure the flatness of the board surface and reduce errors caused by the board surface deformation.


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