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What is a ironworker machine

What is a ironworker machine


The ironworker machine is a kind of machine tool equipment which integrates metal shear, punching, cutting plate, bending and so on, which has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost, and is the preferred equipment for metal processing in modern manufacturing industry. KRRASS production of ironworker machine marketing to more than 120 countries, quality products and affordable prices and perfect after-sales service system, by the vast number of new and old users of all ages, in this article we will introduce the relevant knowledge of the ironworker machine.



(1) The machine is absolutely top-notch processing technology, the frame welded, by high temperature quenching treatment, so that the frame has high steel, high strength;

(2) Machine standard equipped with punch ingenual station, groove steel and angle steel shear station, thick plate shear station, round steel and square steel shearing station, cut corner station. Can choose to punch large holes, plate bending, groove steel punch, shutters and pipe cutting angle and other accessories.

(3) Standard is equipped with five stations and dual hydraulic workstations. Can work independently at the same time. The machine does not require any horizontal commissioning and can be used when placed. Optional CNC control system to increase automated punching and shear efficiency.

(4) using hydraulic transmission, the whole machine structure is reasonable, light weight, low noise, light and reliable and has overload performance

2. Ironworker machine application range


(1) Steel construction processing

(2) Elevator car and parts processing

(3) Trailer— spare tire parts, trailer joint leaves, board hooks, plugs, walong plate

(4) Engineering machinery industry — belt machine, mixing station processing

(5) Agricultural and animal husbandry machinery industry — granulation rack body, trailer body parts processing

(6) Food industry machinery – slaughter equipment frame and parts processing

(7) High and low pressure tower parts processing

(8) Parts processing of wind power equipment — stairs and pedals on wind turbines

(9) Mechanical processing— the connection of the building pre-buried parts / conveyor support and other components processing

(10) Food machinery— grain and oil equipment starch equipment support, shell, small parts processing

(11) Railway trucks/cars, crane parts processing

(12) groove steel, square steel, round steel, H steel, steel, steel and other steel shearing, punching, bending

The above is the relevant introduction of ironworker machine , after reading the above content, presumably ironworker machine has added some new understanding, KRRASS has always been adhering to the European advanced design concept, customer first, follow the Belgian research and development center technology, combined with the actual needs of customers, to create a reasonable structure of high-quality ironworker machine. If you have any needs, please contact us, we are happy to serve you!


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