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What is V Grooving Machine

With the continuous optimization and improvement of metal sheet processing technology, the role of the V grooving machine becomes more and more important. In the sheet metal industry, KRRASS has relied on solid technical strength, superb production technology, and a strict quality management system, specializing in the production of  V groover machine. Our V groove cutting machine products are sold in more than 120 countries abroad and have won unanimous praise from many manufacturers in the industry. KRRASS as professional V grooving machine manufacturers, providing higher quality sheet metal grooving machines at an affordable price and quality service. Next, we will introduce you to the knowledge about the V grooving machine.


Working principle of V grooving machine


Fix the sheet to be processed by the V grooving machine on the workpiece table, adjust the processing starting point (origin), and drive the knife frame by the knife holder adjustment motor to plan the material plate to form the required V-groove. The depth and width of the profile can be guaranteed by the infeed amount and different tools.


The advantages of V grooving machine


(1) The streamlined design originates from the European Union. The beam and frame are completely welded and annealed to eliminate stress, good rigidity, high precision, and long-term use without deformation.

(2) When working, it has 4 control shafts, hydraulic pressing devices, gantry, and tool holders to make the round-trip stroke move together.

(3) Use ball screws and heavy-duty roller guides, D1N6 grade precision helical gears, planetary reducer: balanced, precise

(4) CNC open-type controller supports full-automatic operation, four knives can run at the same time, greatly improving the grooving efficiency.

(5) Adopt Taiwan industrial control computer and Japanese Panasonic closed-loop servo system: simple, flexible, fast, efficient, and low noise.

(6) Equipped with an automatic lubrication system: low abrasion, fine processing, ensuring processing accuracy, and high dynamic response characteristics.


Application of V grooving machine


V groover machine is suitable for industries requiring high-precision processing of plates, such as elevators, decorative materials, stainless steel processing, and household appliances. It is designed and manufactured according to the special needs of the middle and high-end decoration industry, elevator manufacturing, and other industries.

The new sheet metal grooving machine can also grind, polish, and brush thin metal sheets and profiles. Some special workpieces cannot be formed in the bending machine, or if you need to use a specially designed complex mold to complete the product, the depth of the V-groove can be controlled to make this special bending material in the ordinary. 

The above is about the introduction of the V grooving machine. After reading this article, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the V groover machine. If you have any needs, please contact us, we will be happy for your service!



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