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The level of precision that modern sheet rolling machine can achieve

The level of precision that modern sheet rolling machine can achieve


Modern roll boarders have testing and calibration skills, and they can be supplied so that the workshop ensures the accuracy and proper operation of the sheet rolling machine.

The selection of club detection can accurately review the several accuracy of the sheet rolling machine, positive roundness and viscosity/slip errors, service gain mismatching, vibration, tooth gap, repeat accuracy and ruler misconfiguration. Some club software can supply the diagnosis of specific errors according to ISO230-4 and ASMEB 5.54 and B5.57 specifications, and then provide a general list of English, according to the overall effect on the accuracy of the coil machine order, the origin of various errors. This allows the coil repairer to deal directly with the problem local area.

The stage club test can keep up with the trend of function of the sheet rolling machine. Preventive protection is conducive to the sheet rolling machine before the processing capacity before the program. Industrially, it tends to be based on demand rather than time proofreading of the roll board. There is no reason to draw out a production-free machine for proofreading for protection. When any abnormal condition is found, it is still the test club and the parts produced to determine.

The ability to continuously produce during the testing period, the mature use of these skills such as the strong things of the advanced process level, and the ability to achieve great advantages for the level of automation of the advanced mold processing and the completion of better process handling. They enable mold manufacturers to produce molds faster with higher accuracy and scale accuracy, with little operator involvement, rework or craft finishing.

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