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Precautions for operation of plate rolling machine

Precautions for operation of plate rolling machine


The plate rolling machine is mainly used in the production of our engineering field. The production and use of the plate rolling machine are very safe, which reduces our manual labor and improves work efficiency.

The correct operation process of the plate rolling machine is as follows:

1. Clean the pinion gears, pinion bearings, and bearing seats. After cleaning, lubricate the bearings and tighten the screws with the cover. Check whether the reducer and auxiliary reducer are clean. If they need to be cleaned, drip the engine oil after cleaning. Measure and check the length of the coupling, and check whether the coupling on the output shaft of the reducer and the pinion shaft is installed in place.

2. Clean the foundation and foundation holes.

3. Make the mortar pier of reducer, motor and auxiliary drive according to the elevation given in the drawing.

4. Pre-bend the plate. First, adjust the plate that needs to be pre-bent to the appropriate position (determined by the position where the plate must be pre-bent). Second, adjust the bracket to move the oil cylinder to move the two brackets to a moderate confidence, which is convenient for The pre-bend game meets the opponent. Finally, operate the upper roller to press the cylinder down to the surface of the material (parallel to the left and right).

5. Roll the plate, start the main motor, press the button (left and right synchronization) to start rolling, no one on both sides of the plate rolling machine during work, in order to prevent the rolling work piece from happening accidentally, the motor rotates forward, passes Pressing for several times, it will turn forward and finish rolling.

The plate rolling machine must be managed by a special person. The operator must be familiar with the structural performance and use method of the plate rolling machine, and only after the consent of the responsible management personnel can the operation be carried out. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether the safety device is intact. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to put hands and feet on the rollers and transmission components and workpieces. After the work is interrupted, the clutch should be opened to neutral. Multi-person  collaborative work must be directed by a dedicated person. Overload work is strictly prohibited.

The lifting and turning of the upper roller and the tilting reset of the bearing and the balance of the upper roller must be carried out after the main drive is stopped. The work site is prohibited from being piled up randomly and the debris is kept. Good power box.

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