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Safe operation steps of hydraulic ironworker

Safe operation steps of hydraulic ironworker


Hydraulic ironworker is a kind of punching and shearing equipment widely used in the processing industry. It can punch and cut various types of steel. Common ironworker are classified as hydraulic ironworker, combined punching machines, etc.

Hydraulic ironworker are one of the larger usage, and to safely operate hydraulic ironworker, the following steps need to be followed.
1.Before using the hydraulic ironworker, carefully check whether all parts of the machine are complete and normal, smooth lubrication, and clean the table top to ensure that the working plane is flat and free of debris.

2.one person cannot operate the hydraulic ironworker alone. It requires multiple people to cooperate with the operation. The number of people is better at about 3 people. Collaborative work improves work efficiency and accuracy.

3.according to the different thickness of the steel plate, adjust the blade gap of the hydraulic ironworker. It is not possible to cut two plates of different thickness with one cut.

4.for the fast-moving parts such as the transmission of hydraulic ironworker, a protective cover needs to be installed.

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