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How to better maintain the roll forming machine

How to better maintain the roll forming machine

The maintenance of the roll forming machine is also divided into first-level technical maintenance and second-level technical maintenance.

  1. The first-level technical maintenance of the roll forming machine

(1) Check each circuit in its electrical system to see if it is intact and can work normally.

(2) The oil tank in the hydraulic system should be checked whether its oil level is within the normal range, whether the oil quantity is sufficient, and the insufficient oil quantity should be added in time.
(3) Whether the action of the machine equipment is normal, whether its various clearance values are normal, and how the gear meshes.

  2. Secondary technical maintenance of roll forming machine
The hydraulic oil used in the roll forming machine should be replaced at least once a year. And when changing the oil, the tank must be cleaned. The hydraulic control element should decide whether it needs cleaning according to the actual situation.

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